Myrrh Resin

Myrrh Resin

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Myrrh has been used for meditation, protection, purification, and consecration by countless cultures for centuries. It can be used to heal personal sorrow and to connect with the dead and the Underworld. Used in Hermetic and Egyptian rites as an incense of Ra. In the Wiccan Tradition it can be used to connect with the Dark Moon. Burned before ritual, Myrrh rids the area of negative vibrations. It helps cultivate wisdom and self-healing.

Correspondences: meditation, protection, purification, healing, ancestors, Dark Moon Magick, wisdom. sexual magick, Spiritual opening, psychic energy, 



Myrrh is regarded as safe to use as an incense or ritual ingredient. People taking the herb medicinally should consult a doctor or herbalist, as it may have side effects. Never take internally.

Occult properties of herbs are provided for educational interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. Please use herbs responsibly.

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