Mandrake Root (american)

Mandrake Root (american)

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**All Mandrake plants are toxic to humans and animals. Do not use internally for any reason.**
Mandrake Root has a strong connection to the underworld and magick's associated with it. Use during a Dark Moon and its Goddessess to increase its energies or magick done at this time. It can be used for protection when carried in a Red Mojo Bag. To protect the home, sprinkle a Mandrake with blessed water and salt and bury it near the front door.Mandrake’s resemblance to the human form makes it a popular ingredient in sympathetic magick. Tie American Mandrake roots together to make a doll-baby or poppet, and dress according to your intention.

Correspondences: protection, prosperity, fertility, and exorcising evil. Carry to attract love. Wear to preserve health.



ALL Mandrake is toxic to humans and animals.

Don’t consume it any form. Don't smoke, drink, or chew. May cause uncontrollable vomiting or worse. It’s not even advisable to burn incenses containing Mandrake in close quarters.

The safest way to use Mandrake is in dried form, as a talisman or charm. Keep away from children and pets,

Occult properties of herbs are provided for educational interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. Please use herbs responsibly.

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